Poems By Me

The Poems Of My Thoughts |

What If I Was Brave

What if I weren’t scared of the outcome, what would I do? What plans would I make, what dreams would come true?

Would I post that picture of my unadulterated face, or would I write a poem of my thoughts on such an open space?

Would I laugh and cry out loud or would I just feel at ease to be a quiet me, even in a crowd?

What would I do if I weren’t scared of the judgement of a few, would I maybe move and reach more freely into the new?

Or maybe my loves, would I simply lie here in bed on this October morning, writing this poem for you.

What If You Were Kind

What if you were kind? Would you soften your armour or look at the world differently with the feelings of others in mind?

Would you understand that for so many their inner turmoil may be boundless yet silent? Or would you take their mood to heart as if your victimhood just will not lament!

What if we looked at the world with kindness and compassion would we notice a change in us like the seasons like our fashion?

I’m asking you this question my love, as I practice to choose love over hate and to choose a hug over a shove.

I’m asking you please my love to talk kindly to me and maybe smile at that person on the street, as some day that smile might just keep them on their feet.

The Power Of You

My love, do you know how powerful you are? In those moments of inner criticism and judgement could you shine even brighter like the bloody beaming star that you are?

Or could you channel your ancestry line? Do it for the warriors, the builders and the mothers with which we are so intricately intertwined.

Please know your strength and unique beauty my queen, the unique beauty that is yours and only yours, your own personal shade of gleam.

My mate Soph she calls it ‘Sunbeam Eyes’ When your happiness shines out of your face straight through any nonsense or lies.

For those my love are the moments we align, during whatever task or trial with which we choose to move no matter how menial or benign.

Hold on to that inner strength in moments of ridicule and inner doubt, because it is your unique beauty my love and allow me to shout..


How Much Is Too Much?

I’m sitting here writing poems about vulnerability, love and fear and yet how ironic is it that I’m unsure how much of it I actually want you to hear?

I’ve chosen to create for no other reason but for myself, for the sheer joy of making art and for my own mental health.

But still I feel fear of sharing too much, as we’ve been taught to be honest and open but that hot vulnerable fire we must not touch.

For that’s when you feel the discomfort, tightness and unease but I’m learning to remember that this is my art and myself I must please.

So I will continue to share my art, thoughts and poems too and maybe it may create a space for you to share yours without fear, just for you.

To Love Yourself Completely

Do you feel comfortable to truly love yourself? Or does that only feel ok if you’re at what’s sold to us as “Absolute Optimum Health”

What if we loved ourselves boundlessly no matter what we’re fed, do you think on those darker days we may find it easier to move from the safety of our bed.

Do you feel love for that which you physically are? For every unique lump and bump, for every spot and scar?

Maybe on character, soul and heart we could place our emphasis because these external beauty ideals quite frankly they’re taking the proverbial piss.

We are all fucking beautiful, essence and variety are key, imagine if we all looked and acted the same and all I saw was myself looking back at me.

Loving yourself in this world can be tricky and a pure act of defiance so let’s start the revolution, let’s remember what’s important and bloody dance around in our pants.

I for one am over it, and no longer will subscribe,
all you sparkly creatures are beautiful within our world’s wonderful and varied tribe.