Hokay so! Nelson, where to begin, there are more words than there are pictures to describe Nelson and the transformative experience I had there. There was beautiful relationships, friendships and massive shifts for me over the 6 months I lived in this crazy little town. Nelson stole my heart, right on Kootenay Lake with it’s amazing food and coffee culture and just a really wonderful buzz about it. It reminded me a lot of Bristol in the UK, with it’s quirks, friendly people and it’s open minded and free community.

Fletcher Falls

The Brilliant Damn

Cottonwood Lake

Kokanee Lake

Drinnon Pass

After my awful effort of taking pictures over the summer, I was blessed with a beautifully crisp Autumn with awesome bright days to redeem myself to get my camera out and keep it out! Me and my pals got on a mission to do lots of the hikes in the area and the scenes we saw were absolutely stunning! These first snaps are of me and my mate Zig venturing up to Drinnon Lake, which was VERY snowy, much more than we’d anticipated, we put the world to rights, missioned over a very sketchy boulder field and got some very wet shoes in the process!

Idaho Peak (Kinda)

This was a lovely day, although slightly scary at times. We ventured out of Nelson on a bit of a drive to go see one of the local tourist spots which we’d not made it to yet, Idaho Peak. None of us however had checked the conditions. Had we checked we would have seen SNOW SNOW SNOW, DO NOT DRIVE UP THIS SKETCHY ASS ROAD AS THERE IS A FOOT OF SNOW AND YOU WILL FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE GOING UP AND DOWN, or something. Anyway we had people in converse, people without layers for snow, we got stuck before we even reached the trail head and it was more than a little sketchy at points with the car slipping a lot on roads with sheer drops to the side. So we parked up, went and trekked for a while, until feet were wet, had a snowball fight and made our way back. We didn’t make it to the peak but I had a wonderful day with all these gems and survived…success!

Pulpit Rock & Flagpole

Pulpit Rock is a regular hike for Nelsonites! With many people venturing up there daily as their morning exercise. I had done this hike a few times over the course of the summer but not once as beautiful as this day. The most brilliant colours of Autumn and awesome light made for some killer shots. My mate JB joined myself and Zig for this one and bought the absolute beauty that is Kai (his pupper) I met JB in Whistler in 2011 during my first year away from home. It’s funny who you find again when you’re moving round the world! You can only hope that you’ll see some of the legends you meet again. That being said I’m really glad this guy found his way back (and bought Kai with him too)

After we reached Pulpit Rock and had a snack and a water break (Kai included) We ventured further up the mountain and did the second leg of this hike up to the Flagpole for some unreal scenes. We discussed life, the world and the universe as well as the fact that apparently we’re adults now? WTF?!


So this was officially my first Halloween in North America and served as a little bit of a final hurrah to see/dance with everyone I could before leaving and it went off! We had a party before we went out with every single person in fantastic fancy dress, cob webs and pumpkins everywhere. I went as Chucky, we had a zombie Cruella, a Mime, a goth and a wolf in grandma’s clothing and we danced the night away, I danced so hard I popped my shoulder out and the face paint failed us all…classic.

Sproule Creek & Morning Mountain

Ziggy is the queen of getting me out of bed on a hangover, this is exactly what she did on what turned out to be one of my favourite days of Autumn. We went a little out of town and had a lovely (gentle) walk along Sproule Creek. We then drove up Morning Mountain to a lookout point where we wrapped up in all the layers, had baileys coffees and demolished a bag of pretzels while looking down in awe at beautiful Nelson. Lots of contemplation of the last 6 months, only 4 days away from leaving for Revelstoke! Great day with great people and big thanks to Zig for getting my sleepy arse out of bed!

The Power Of Girls

Now for some reality behind the beautiful snaps of the last few months.

Two months ago I had been evicted from my house at short notice, my Ma had just flown back to England and a very important relationship in my life ended, I was in a new house with people I’d met a handful of times and I wanted to run. I started formulating a plan to escape, to book the next flight home or if I did somehow manage to stay I was going to get my head down, work a lot and avoid people as much as possible before I left Nelson.

I sat on my bed at the peak of the chaos in skin crawling heart break and felt more alone and far from home than I have, I think ever. At that moment one of my housemates knocked on my bedroom door, she sat with me for an hour and listened.

From that point on each one of the women in these pictures have been with me while I’ve cried, while I’ve talked myself in circles, they’ve fed me when it felt impossible to, they’ve pulled me out of bed on hikes, they’ve danced with me when I needed to dance the pain away and they’ve literally driven me across the country to get me to my new home in Revelstoke.

These mega women are business owners, DJs, artists, athletes, writers and quite frankly they’re the biggest bad asses this side of The Kootenays but more importantly they have become my family in a foreign land, these women are the people that have saved and rebuilt me to a point where I’ve found my power again and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Thank you my loves from the bottom of my heart for bringing me back to life.






And that wraps up life in Nelson, so much gratitude to everyone that made up the wonderful experience of the last 6 months! Peace out for now Nelson, I’ll be back in a while.