OK so I made it! I’m now in Revelstoke. As I only moved to Revelstoke a week ago, here’s just a couple of snaps I took outside my new place once the clouds cleared up!

Halfway Hotsprings

First adventure of many and it was to Halfway Hotsprings, a quick ferry ride over the river, up a long logging road and a trek through the forest! We couldn’t take too many snaps as there was some nuditiy but we got a few when it quietened down! We tried out all the pools, wandered back through the forest in our swimmers with jackets over top and shared a growler of Begbie Brewery beer! Ben then won the day and drove our sleepy arses home. Great first adventure in the new area!

Begbie Falls

Introducing the beautiful Kelly Reynolds! Kelly will be featuring a lot in my Revelstoke pictures in the coming months. I met Kelly three years ago while taking my level 3 instructor course, we spent 2 days together skiing and she celebrated with me when I passed the course! Since then we haven’t been in the same country but we have remained in touch and been such cheerleaders for each other’s journeys through the magical powers of Instagram. She is also a level 3 instructor and we have been living parallel lives up until now, Kelly in Revvy and myself in Fernie. She is a huge part of the reason I’m here as she’s been on the hard recruit for the last six months! As we now know she won me over and today we hung out and went on an ankle friendly adventure! Doctors orders!

Kelly took me to Begbie falls, which sit across the river from Revelstoke ski hill and as you will see, are absolutely stunning. We walked through the forest a short way to get to the falls and we couldn’t get over the fairy tale like moss and absolute beauty of our surroundings. Conversation is always great with Kelly so naturally we found ourselves discussing the Dr. Seuss like utopia and beauty of the earth in general. We also were enjoying finding the little light pockets where the canopy broke in the trees (and playing with the self timer, and tripod! (My favourite pastime)

We then meandered down to the river, which opens up beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, today was pretty rainy and cloudy, but that didn’t stop us getting some awesome moody snaps of the cloud and river! And it really added to the charm of the forest and surrounding water. Sometimes my favourite shots are on cloudy days with the cloud cover acting like a giant light box!

We then went back to Kelly’s for coffee and snacks, did a little drive by of the ski hill which I had yet to see and I donated a couple beanies to Kelly’s collection (You may have noticed I have a few, arguably too many) and then had a chilled day of editing snaps, eating crisps and watching Outlander to round it off! So lovely exploring the new area, now a week into Revelstoke life and with wonderful people to share great conversations with for the double whammy! See you soon adventure followers!